4D Fantasy, the second collection by MEAT develops the brands distinct latex wear identity by re-imagining the experiences of designers Bo Claridge and Alis Pelleschi’s youth and projecting them into the future. Silhouettes and clean colour palettes are drawn from their memories of provincial British chav culture and the UK Garage raves, sports centres and markets they used to attend. Once again notions of empowerment are key to the collection, with clothes designed to make MEAT boys & babes feel super sexy in their own skin, while also reclaiming the word ‘slut’, (emblazoned across several designs) from it’s negative connotations.
William Edwin Wright
Directed by Alis Pelleschi
Assistants – Emily Sherwin & Joseph Tovey Frost
Music – Someone to call my lover – Why be ft Lisbent
Styled by William Edwin Wright
Stylist assistant – Helena Demaria-Williams
MUA – Theresa Davies
Hair – Masato Inoue
Nails – Pinkita’s Nail Palace
Models – Cherry, Oliver, Lucy, Cleopatra, Yute, Chani, Frank, Briony, Jordan & Paris
DOP – Phil Moreton
Colourist & Post-production – Gabriel Gettman
Camera Operator – Benjamin Winston
Shot on RED at Spoke Studios

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