“Like secret agents from a distance star, we are born out of water, shaped by its liquid love, protected, adored, we bring our oceanic heaven to earth. Water shapes our bones, our organs, our brains, and finally nestles inside our cells waiting – waiting for the call of earth. Waiting for the first burst of air. Water waits. Dolphins and whales swim calmly as the aquatic human awaits destiny.” -Emilie Conrad

The Hula Hoop Girl’s mission is to guide women to connect with their joy, protect their joy, practice their joy, and dance in the center of their joy, through the transformational body play practices of hoop dance, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, mentorship, and education.


Videographer/Producer/Editor/Artist/Visionary/Yogini: Maya Vanderschuit mayavanderschuit@sandiego.edu

Hoop Dancer, Movement Guide, Vision Quester: Sweet Caroline creator of The Hula Hoop Girl

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